March 17, 2006

Million Dollar For Sale!! Highest Bidder

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Yes, that’s right! is for sale. After months of battling Republican supporters, recieving harrassing emails and phone calls, and making thousands of dollars, we have decided to auction off

We recieved a private offer of $1000, but decided to open up bidding to the general public.

Click here to bid:

High bidder will get the domain transferred to their name (5 year registration) and include one year of hosting ( Keep it as a political pixel advertising page or start an Adult webpage, or whatever you would like. This name has been well known for months worldwide and reported in many articles and publications. May the highest bidder win and thanks for all of your support!

The MDB Team


January 16, 2006’s Pioneered Idea Replicated By “DOWNBUSH”

Filed under: Random Discussions — milliondollarbush @ 5:35 am is what we like to call ‘TAKER OF GREAT IDEA TAKEN FROM GREAT IDEA.”

A website using our pioneered idea to use one of the most discussed and scrutinized icons in the world in a comedic way to sell advertising space, and also give to charity, Downbush understands our success and would like to attempt the same.

Claiming that “We plan to fund another business we have started. The funds from will help us get the office space and equipment we need to expand our business,” the operator of this site is working towards achieving similar success to However, we are one of a kind and not affiliated with any of the other Bush or political pixel advertising sites.

Fortunately for our clients and fans we have not disclosed the interactive way in which the charity will be chosen, or how the final 999 pixels will be filled and monies distributed. That information will be given at a later date so as not to tip-off imitators.

There is only one original (inspired by Alex’s MillionPixelHomepage) Million Dollar Bush site and it is right here. Thanks to everyone who has written in, we appreciate your interest and help with our endeavor. As you all know we created this site because we saw an ingenious business model and wanted to make it something unique, interactive and humorous.

Thought you would enjoy the fact that our success is driving imitators of our own.

The MDB Team
PS – “” seems to be another clever model of this new form of Advertising!

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