March 17, 2006

Million Dollar For Sale!! Highest Bidder

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Yes, that’s right! is for sale. After months of battling Republican supporters, recieving harrassing emails and phone calls, and making thousands of dollars, we have decided to auction off

We recieved a private offer of $1000, but decided to open up bidding to the general public.

Click here to bid:

High bidder will get the domain transferred to their name (5 year registration) and include one year of hosting ( Keep it as a political pixel advertising page or start an Adult webpage, or whatever you would like. This name has been well known for months worldwide and reported in many articles and publications. May the highest bidder win and thanks for all of your support!

The MDB Team


February 5, 2006

Kanye West Advertises On Million Dollar Bush?!

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Earlier this week we recieved an order for a banner that links to Kanye West’s website.

We have also recieved a puchase for an ad to Michael Moore’s website. We are not sure if these advertisements have been purchased by each individual or their respective supporters/supporting organizations.

At any rate, we are happy to see the Million Dollar is making great strides to attract attention far and wide.

Keep the ads coming and we will continue to market the site, driving business to your website and making everyone some money on the face of Bush.



January 15, 2006

Customers Profiled Section

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We will profile customers that advertise with us, discuss our mission and gratitude for your contribution.

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