January 19, 2006

Acclaimed German Journalist Interviews and Writes About

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German News Article From: Article

“With George Bush To The Million” by Dirk Vongehlen

Three friends in the USA try to come with the president to the large money.

Thomas young likes George W. Bush – at least as advertising face for its own web page. With two friends Thomas invented side an adaptation of the idea of the million-dollar homepage of Alex Tew. In the third consequence of the series to the topic Thomas tells, what is particularly at the MillionDollarBush.

“George W. Bush is a marvelous target of the mockery. World-wide it – positively as negative – produces a quantity of attention. Therefore we made it a main point of our idea: we wanted to place a web page in the net, on which companies can have an advertisement, which is at the same time in addition, political satire. Thus we came up with

We are three friends, who live in the United States. The joy in the InterNet, a certain entrepreneurial spirit and interest in good Slapstick humor connects us. We work at InterNet companies and are all in our twenties. Politically we stand however on different sides: One of us is democrat, the two different is republicans.

The main difference to Alex idea of the million-dollar homepage is that we want to develop a strong Business model. We want to after long-term advertising possibilities in the InterNet and offer them to companies – also in the future. One must imagine that about in such a way as with the invention of the computer: Konrad Zuse invented the first computer, which became then however constantly further developed. Like that is also with Alex the Tew and the million-dollar homepage. It had it as first idea and we to develop further. And we have there still some super ideas.

Therefore we already tried to take up contact with Alex. But it is rather busy straight. We will speak however with one another, as soon as it has again somewhat more time.

When we began with the side, we expected that positive would hold themselves like negative reactions for instance the balance – we keep however predominantly good reactions actual. Participated a few violent enamels, which do not like the idea, most also please MillionDollarBush however.
Which makes us happy at most, is the fact that humans from everywhere in the world our humor understands and finds favours at our slogan: “Cover the lies and advertise.” ”


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